Only for You-Your Personal Taior

  • Taior

    A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally, especially suits and prople’s clothing.From the past to nowadays,tailor always be a very important role for people‘s life.Every piece of beautiful and gorgeous cloth is made by their hands,It’s like they make the fashion from a word to a real thing that we can see it or touch it.And it never leaves a delicate hands and an amazing tool-the tailor tape measure.

















  • Just for you

A good taiolor tape definitely is a indispensable tool to a tailor,they use it to measure people’s body part so they can get the highly accurate date to make people’s cloth,if there is any kind of little mistake about the data,then for a tailor,this cloth is totally ruined,it never can be a “only for you ” thing.Because when it means only for you,it must be perfect for you.











  • From a piece of fabric to a costume

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Measuring,designing,cutting,sewing,making,and done.wearing the perfect cloth that the tailor made for for you and just for you.It feels like you own the world. : )maybe it’s not some badass brand and maybe it just came from some no-one seamstess,but they made it just for you and it’s valuable for you and the tailor.


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