Body Part Tape Measure Customized Logo and Color



  Body part tape measure



Description:It's a body part tape measure with customized color and multiple functions.

body tape measure

It can be used to measure any part of your body including arm, chest, waist, calf, thigh, hip and more.You can easily keep track of your body measurements and progression of your muscle growth or the reduced desired shape。


How to use it?

  1. By pressing the button in the center, pull the end of the tape around the body part you wish to measure.
  2. Lock the rod at the end of the tape forming a circular tape wrapping the body part.
  3. Press the button in the center, and let the tape retract to fit snuggly on your body.
  4. Finally, you have your measurement, read and record the measurement on the tape to see the size of that body part.


Product show:

bwt-007pink waist tape (1)








Extra Infor:

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