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A kid's growth is absolutely the most important thing for parents.Watching them from a innocent cute child to become a good healthy grown up,It's  must be very proud for them.You never want to miss out any significant moment of their life,the first time they stand up,the first time they walk,the first time they run .And a healthy body is necessity for any of the moment.So take the baby paper tape measure to record your baby‘s growth and let them give you the best care for your baby. 

How to measure baby’s height?

It can be difficult to measure a baby’s length accurately, especially if he moves a lot.Despite the difficulty, you may still want to have an idea of how your baby compares to growth charts or even buy the proper sized clothing for your baby.

  • Ask your partner or a family member to help you. He can help gently stretch out your baby’s leg to get the most accurate measurement.
  • Lay your baby down on your bed, changing table or another soft, flat surface. Use a soft, flexible measuring tape to measure the baby from the top of the head to the heel. If your baby is too busy squirming, lay him down on top of a sheet of paper on a flat surface. Mark the sheet under the baby with a pencil at the top of the head and again at the bottom of the heel. Remove the baby and measure the length between the two marks.
  • Remember that this number likely won’t be exactly the same as your doctor’s, but it is still a good ballpark figure.

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How to measure baby’s head circumference?

A baby’s head growth can signal certain medical conditions or developmental problems. Checking the circumference, or the distance, around your baby’s head can indicate normal growth or alert you to see a doctor about possible issues.

  • Wrap a soft and flexible measuring tape around your baby’s head just above her eyebrows and ears and then around the back of the head where her head slopes up prominently from the neck. You want to measure the baby’s head at the place where its circumference is largest.
  • Make sure to line up the starting line on the measuring tape with the final point of the measurement. You can put a small dot or mark at each end to help you more accurately get the measurement, especially if your baby is squirming.

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How to measure Baby’s feet?

  • Prepare to take your baby’s measurements. Grab a tape measure, and enlist someone else to help you keep your child still.
  • Measure your baby’s feet. For each foot, put the broad side of the tape measure against the outside, with the end of the tape measure either on the tip of the big toe or the end of the heel.

PS:For best results, measure two or three times. Babies wiggle a lot, and it can be difficult to get an accurate measurement.


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